Thursday, April 21, 2011


First, my camera broke, so I started using Kevin's gigantic camera. Then, I accidentally dropped my laptop on the floor, and it broke, too. So... here I am, with a new computer (a better one), and a new camera (a worse one), and all is well in the world. I know I've been a blog slacker, but those are my excuses. They're good ones, right? Anyway, we've been laying low in the past few weeks anyway, so I don't have much to report. Enjoy our pics. I'll be taking more, soon!

"I know how to pose, now."

"Look at us on our stools, at the island! Aren't we sweet?"

"Mommy and Daddy always say they love Joney's closed-mouth-smile."

"This is a picture from when my friends visited me at my house. Aren't we a nice trio?"

"Look at me! I'm a jammie princess!"