Thursday, October 28, 2010

Have I mentioned...

I really like to cook, and I've let this blog take a backseat to my cooking blog. I need to take more photos of the kids, and post them here. Apparently, I'm pre-occupied with my new hobby. Well, it's not new anymore. Anyway, I'll try harder. I will. I swear.

"This is the view from the porch at our new house."

"Hello, friends. Mommy will take more photos soon."

"I love playing with Jonah in the car."

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I knew that Maya would have a hard time adjusting to school, but I truly did not think that it would be 7 weeks into school, and she'd still be crying for long periods of time throughout the school day. The funny thing is, she loves school... She just wishes I'd stay with her, and love it while standing right next to her. Sigh. I'm sure it'll get better. I want her to love every second of it - to listen, learn, play, make friends... But I guess these things take time. All that being said, I've been enjoying my time alone with Jonah, while Maya is at school. It is really nice getting some quality, one on one time with him. We'll continue to work on Miss Maya. I am already researching into school for next year, because I think we'll have to look for a place a bit closer to our new digs.

As you can see, we have a lot going on, here at Chez Maya. With preschool, potty training, a big girl bed, and a new house, Maya has grown into a kid overnight. Bye bye, toddler-hood!

"Jonah is eating his Cheerios, to fuel up for our drive to school."

"He's hip."

"Here's a sample of what we've been up to at school."

"On Tuesday, Mommy and I cut into a pumpkin after school. We toasted the seeds, too."

"I did the mixing, because the pumpkin goo looked like fun."

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Entertaining Jonah.

This kid loves to be entertained and held. Maya thought this hat looked downright hilarious on Jonah, and he didn't mind it, either. Gotta love a boy and his single dimple.
"Daddy held Jonah while he vacuumed after dinner. At first I thought Jonah might be scared of falling, but now I can see he just loves to be held."

"Joney, you are SO silly in that Nemo hat!"

"I'm off to look for other hats for Joney. This is fun."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Will Live Here Forever.

Did I mention, in previous blog entries, that we recently bought a house? Well, it was about 2 months ago, but we finally moved last Thursday. We love the house very much, but we are so busy and overwhelmed with unpacking, I've barely had time to take photos, much less update the blog. Here are some new photos, even though they aren't particularly exciting. The kids are loving the new house. Maya transitioned to a big girl bed as soon as we moved, and she is loving it. Every morning when I go to get her out of bed, she says, "Mommy, this bed is perfect for me!" I am so proud of her! Jonah is now sleeping in Maya's old crib, and he is a happy little camper as well. So, though we are a tad stressed, and feeling a little upside down, everyone is happy and we are so blessed to be together in a house we all love.

"Jonah is 8 months now, and he's eating real food! I like to feed him applesauce and shredded cheese. We are buds lately."

"Mommy doesn't love when I feed Joney in the Jumperoo, because eating and jumping are apparently incompatible. Who knew?"
"I love my bed, because the whole family can lie in it! Well, Mommy is missing from the photo, but after she took it, she climbed in, too!"

"Mom says Jonah should try holding the spoon, so he can try to 'self-feed.' I say, let me hold the spoon, because it's more fun when everything is mine."

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In Case you Missed us on Facebook...

This is Maya's new hobby.

The transcript:

"Daddy is sleeping, and I'm feeding Joney the applesauce!"
"I make sure I never sleep while I'm eating applesauce."
"Ohhhh. He made a cough..."
"He likes big bites!"
"I hope I cannot drop it."
"This is a big bite."
"I want a bowl to put it in."
"He has a messy face!"

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good Choking!

This morning, Maya asked for applesauce for breakfast. Jonah was in the Jumperoo, bouncing around, and Maya was sitting sweetly, eating her sauce. I went around the corner to refill my coffee, and I hear Maya say, "Mommy, Joney is doing his good choking!" She said it particularly happily. Hmph. I, of course, bolted around the corner, to see Maya feeding Jonah applesauce in the Jumperoo. He was not choking, though she was sticking the spoon so far back, he was gagging like crazy. Oy. After explaining to Maya that we don't put the entire spoon in Jonah's mouth, I watched her feed him essentially an entire meal. It was pretty adorable.

"I love to feed this kid. He's like my personal, living doll."

"Daddy accidentally packed us up in one of the boxes, since we're moving next week!"

"Dad, we're not supposed to go in a box!"

"Mommy, that's a silly hat!"

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Hazel Day!

Hazel is the daughter of my dear, old friend, Jaime. She turned ONE on Saturday, and Jaime and Paul had a birthday party for her, on Sunday afternoon. It was a terrific BBQ, and Hazel is positively adorable. She had a great time, as did my kids. It was the day after Cassie's wedding, so we were all a tad sleepy that day, but we were able to pull it together for the party. Paul had hung a baby swing from the house, so Maya spent the better part of the BBQ, asking to be pushed. It was pretty annoying, but Kevin handled it like a champ. She wanted to be spun in circles, over and over again, and I had visions of her throwing up everywhere. Fortunately, she is her Daddy's daughter, and doesn't have her mom's motion sickness issues. Phew. Happy birthday, Hazel!

"Look at Hazel! She's so messy!"

"Mommy, who is that man with the balloon head?"

"Hazel, don't you know that fire is dangerous?"

"Mommy, please ask Jaime and Paul to give that to me."

"More cake, please."

"She's cute, Mommy."

"Look at Joney! He's playing piano!"

"Hazel got tons of loot for her birthday. Lucky lady!"

"Mommy says that Jonah and I slept in the car like this for almost an hour. When I woke up, we were parked in the driveway, and Gumpy was staring at me through the window. I was confused..."