Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Hazel Day!

Hazel is the daughter of my dear, old friend, Jaime. She turned ONE on Saturday, and Jaime and Paul had a birthday party for her, on Sunday afternoon. It was a terrific BBQ, and Hazel is positively adorable. She had a great time, as did my kids. It was the day after Cassie's wedding, so we were all a tad sleepy that day, but we were able to pull it together for the party. Paul had hung a baby swing from the house, so Maya spent the better part of the BBQ, asking to be pushed. It was pretty annoying, but Kevin handled it like a champ. She wanted to be spun in circles, over and over again, and I had visions of her throwing up everywhere. Fortunately, she is her Daddy's daughter, and doesn't have her mom's motion sickness issues. Phew. Happy birthday, Hazel!

"Look at Hazel! She's so messy!"

"Mommy, who is that man with the balloon head?"

"Hazel, don't you know that fire is dangerous?"

"Mommy, please ask Jaime and Paul to give that to me."

"More cake, please."

"She's cute, Mommy."

"Look at Joney! He's playing piano!"

"Hazel got tons of loot for her birthday. Lucky lady!"

"Mommy says that Jonah and I slept in the car like this for almost an hour. When I woke up, we were parked in the driveway, and Gumpy was staring at me through the window. I was confused..."

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