Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Can't Keep Up.

Seriously, I can't keep up with the blog, OR my kids! They are so active lately, and I am running out of gas. They are cute as can be, though, which makes it much easier. Maya is rounding out the school year, and has had a great stretch of wonderful days. She will be sad to leave her school, but we'll be going to pre-school much closer to home next year, so that's a bonus. Jonah is working on learning to walk, these days. He is cruising like a champ, crawling like a sprinter, and has no interest in learning to walk without assistance. Oh well. I am guessing he'll be able to walk, by the time he needs to catch the school bus, so I'm okay with it. Anyway, we are keeping busy, and loving that the weather is getting nicer. I got a new camera, but sadly, the pics aren't coming out so great. Sigh... I guess it's my fault, since I keep breaking them. I probably shouldn't have a stellar camera, right?

"Jonah and I played in the ball pit at 'My Gym.' Jonah had a blast, throwing all the balls out of the pit, and onto the floor. Oy."

"Look at us, on the see-saw!"
"This is our new bike trailer. Daddy loves to ride with us, but we are always fighting in the back."
"We went to visit Mo, Christie, and Eve, last week. Look at the pretty dress they gave me!"
"Look! Joney is on a baby trampoline!"