Saturday, September 24, 2011

While I'm at it...

Maya!!! Holy crow. This little girl is going on 18. Or maybe 13. Hmmmm....

"Here I am on summer vacation, in New Hampshire."

"This is me, as Alice, at Storyland!"
"I even went on a water hike!"
"I can make silly faces, now."
"I was a little scared to be Miss Muffet, but I was awesome."
"Again. Funny faces with Daddums."
"Eve had a Neverland party. Don't I look fab?"
"This is my seriously-loving-Mommy face."

Where have I been?


I have no excuses... but here are my sweeties. They have grown, just a tad, since my last post on May 10th... Sorry, guys. Just couldn't keep up. First of all, let's talk "Jonah." My little 19 month old is walking, talking, and acting all sorts of grown up. Check out his summer o' fun.