Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We Love Spring!

Sort of. We've been spending a lot of time outside lately, which is obviously wonderful, and extremely exhausting for the kids, but it has been awfully hot. In fact, Jonah room soared to 80 degrees the other night while he was sleeping, which did not make for a happy Jonah. Yesterday, after realizing that Jonah was simply going to refuse to sleep in such a hot house, we decided to come to CT, and enjoy the air conditioning at Grammy and Grampy's house. My little sis, Debbie, is getting married on Saturday, so we only came home a couple of days early. Anyway, now that we're here, Jonah is sleeping peacefully, and Maya is... well... being Maya. I'll try to take lots of photos while I'm here, but you know me... I get caught up in being away. Don't forget us while we're gone!

"Jonah has some cute hats. Mommy never puts me in hats... I refuse to wear them, anyway, so that's probably why."

"Recently, I decided that I love pistachios. I love them even more, when I'm on the porch, because I can throw the shells on the lawn!"

"Another hat?!"

"Mommy made these chocolate peanut butter sandwich cookies from Rachael Ray magazine. They look delicious, but were only medium."

"Like my sunglasses?"

"I'm cool, I know."

"Jonah liked wearing my sunglasses, too, but Mommy kept missing the photo, because I kept taking them off."

"Silly Daddy. Jonah is way too small for that!"

"I have recently been spending every possibly moment on the porch. I especially love the porch when it includes food, and Daddy. Jonah? Meh."

"We found this cute little playground. I like it, but there aren't any swings. What a bumnmer."

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ready to Hit the Road.

So, we're moving back to Connecticut in a month. Well, a month from Sunday, actually. Anyway, things are starting to get hectic around here. We are trying to pack as much as we can, but it's tough. In excellent news, Maya and Jonah are starting to become very good playmates. Maya loves playing with him in her crib, and entertaining him in his swing. Jonah is starting to fall in love with her, too, which is sweet. I think she really wants attention from him, so this is a great thing. He laughs at her and watches her as she plays. Jonah even had his first experience in the Jumperoo the other day! Can you believe what a big boy we have?! I am loving my little family.

Oh, and one more HUGE piece of news... Kevin passed his oral board exam!!! This is amazing news, since it means he is now a board certified anesthesiologist, and he won't have to take another exam for a whopping 10 years! Congrats, Daddy! We love you!
"Mommy says Jonah needs his tummy time. I don't understand this, but whatev."

"Jonah, you can play with my Wiggles DVD."

"Fake out! NO ONE gets to play with my Wiggles DVD, but me!"

"Jonah thinks we are all so funny."

"Look at my brother in the Jumperoo! He didn't jump, but he was definitely interested...

"Doesn't Jonah look very cool in this hat? Mommy thinks so. I want to wear it, too, but it doesn't fit on my head..."

"My Daddy has the BEST ice cream ever."

"We put all this stuff at the end of our driveway, but we didn't think anyone would take it. Well, it was gone before we even walked away. Daddy was shocked! Mommy said, 'Told you so!'"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You Blink...

...and they're in college! That's what they all say, right? Well, I'm not sure if that's true, but my kids certainly are growning up quickly. Jonah is already 3.5 months,though it feels like he was just born, and Maya? She's like a mini-teenager! When did this happen? Anyway, today's blog is brought to you by Jonah, who decided he'd like to have a post all to himmself...

"I love my 3-6 month clothes..."

"This is Aunt Debs and soon-to-be Uncle Dan. We were at Deb's graduation on Sunday. Congrats Aunt Dr. Debs!"

"I can even hold my own bottle now!"

"Like my new and awesome jammies?"

"I still sleep like a little baby though..."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mommy Day!

It was a low key weekend, which was nice, since we usually travel on the weekends, which makes them very exhausting. Last night, in honor of Mother's Day, we went out for Japanese food, and then hit up Ben and Jerry's for some goodies. She shared my teriyaki dinner, and then finished it off by sharing a peanut butter chocolate cone Kevin. Maya loves ice cream. I mean, she loooooves ice cream. Can you tell?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

More Strawberries, Please.

Kevin takes a bag of Special K Red Berries to work every day for breakfast. A few months ago, Maya discovered the dehydrated strawberries, and has been asking me to pick them out of the Special K ever since. The problem lies in the fact that the red berries in the Special K are not exactly plentiful, so theey run out quickly. We have been forced to resort to buying "Just Strawberries," which is just a tub of dehydrated strawberries - also known as "The Most Expensive Strawberries known to Man." Oh well. The princess always gets what she wants, right? Right??

"This is me telling secrets with Daddy."

"I love tickles."

"We go out for a walk every night if it's nice out. It gets cold out at night, so Jonah gets dressed in this getup,"

"Mommy and Jonah do snuggles after tubby time."

"These freeze dried strawberries are the best!'

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby Talk.

If I don't keep track on the blog, I'm sure I'll forget, so I have to write down all the funny things Maya is saying these days. She has some favorite expressions that she is saying constantly. It's pretty hilarious. Here are the top 12 that come to mind:

12. "Don't be sad, Jonah." (Jonah cries a lot in the car, so this is a common theme)

11. "I'm okay! I feel better, now!" (She always says this when she wakes up and cries in the morning. I come into the room and say, "Good morning, Maya! She replies, "I'm okay. I feel better, now.)

10. "Jonah's sad. Jonah's happy, now." (This is a favorite car saying.)

9. "Jonah wake up! Open your eyes!" (She thinks I'll turn on the TV when he wakes up.)

8. "Mommy/Daddy fix it."

7. "Maybe more Wiggles will come on." (We listen to music a lot)

6. "Oooooo... is so cuuuuute." (Jonah, teddy, catty, etc.)

5. "I see right there!"

4. "Brrrrr. So cold. Need sweater for toasty warm." (She is obsessed with wearing cardigans)

3. "Maybe watch a show?" (Said in a sly, contemplative tone)

2. "Maybe another day."

1. "Maybe tomorrow we can ." (Go to the playground, go on the slide, go swinging, etc.)

"Maybe tomorrow we can play with more flowers."

"Ooooo. Jonah so cute!"

"Maybe another day we'll get more flowers."

"Jonah's so happy!"

"Brrrrrr. Sweater, please!"

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Look at Me!

Maya is funny. Every time you say, "Maya, look at me!" She doesn't even look up - she just says, "Cheeeese." She thinks it means you are trying to snap a photo of her. Recently, she has really been enjoying hanging out in the bed in Jonah's room, and telling secrets with Kevin. Secrets really means having a blanket over their heads, while Kevin tickles Maya. She loves tickles, and will not stop asking for them. "More tickles, please! More tickles, please!"

"More tickles, please!"

"This is one of our tickle blankets!"

"Sometimes Jonah hangs out in the crib while Daddy and I tell secrets."

"I like to stick toys in Daddy's pockets."


Monday, May 3, 2010

Capri Season.

Funny story...

We went to Connecticut to look at houses and apartments this weekend. It was a very warm day, but I didn't realize quite how warm it really was. I brought a few changes of clothing for the kids, so after a few hours, I took off Jonah's jeans, and changed him into shorts. When we got back to NH later that day, Maya had gotten her clothes dirty, so I asked Kevin to put her in a pair of jeans. When she came out, she was in capri jeans. I asked Kevin, "Which jeans are those?" To which Kevin answered, "I don't know. I found them in this bag." Um, they were Jonah's jeans... So, apparently my kiddos can share pants... Hmph.

"It's been hot here, so Mommy lets Jonah sleep in his diaper."

"Mommy says Jonah is losing his hair. Not me. I have a lot of it."

"Like my new Disney cup?"

"Look! I'm wearing Jonah's pants!"

"Mommy and Lisa let Mary and me sit by the counter at Shepard's Pie. We ate fruit salad and acted like truckers."