Friday, May 21, 2010

Ready to Hit the Road.

So, we're moving back to Connecticut in a month. Well, a month from Sunday, actually. Anyway, things are starting to get hectic around here. We are trying to pack as much as we can, but it's tough. In excellent news, Maya and Jonah are starting to become very good playmates. Maya loves playing with him in her crib, and entertaining him in his swing. Jonah is starting to fall in love with her, too, which is sweet. I think she really wants attention from him, so this is a great thing. He laughs at her and watches her as she plays. Jonah even had his first experience in the Jumperoo the other day! Can you believe what a big boy we have?! I am loving my little family.

Oh, and one more HUGE piece of news... Kevin passed his oral board exam!!! This is amazing news, since it means he is now a board certified anesthesiologist, and he won't have to take another exam for a whopping 10 years! Congrats, Daddy! We love you!
"Mommy says Jonah needs his tummy time. I don't understand this, but whatev."

"Jonah, you can play with my Wiggles DVD."

"Fake out! NO ONE gets to play with my Wiggles DVD, but me!"

"Jonah thinks we are all so funny."

"Look at my brother in the Jumperoo! He didn't jump, but he was definitely interested...

"Doesn't Jonah look very cool in this hat? Mommy thinks so. I want to wear it, too, but it doesn't fit on my head..."

"My Daddy has the BEST ice cream ever."

"We put all this stuff at the end of our driveway, but we didn't think anyone would take it. Well, it was gone before we even walked away. Daddy was shocked! Mommy said, 'Told you so!'"


Beth said...

Dear sweet Maya, No wonder the furniture was taken with you modeling with it! Congratulations to Daddy Kevin on his tremendous achievement! Hugs to you all! You are a BEAUTIFUL family and deserve the BEST!!!

PhatKev said...

Jonah looks like a gangsta bad-ass in that pic with his hat. I wouldn't want to take away his pacifier for fear he'd pop a cap in my tushy.