Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby Talk.

If I don't keep track on the blog, I'm sure I'll forget, so I have to write down all the funny things Maya is saying these days. She has some favorite expressions that she is saying constantly. It's pretty hilarious. Here are the top 12 that come to mind:

12. "Don't be sad, Jonah." (Jonah cries a lot in the car, so this is a common theme)

11. "I'm okay! I feel better, now!" (She always says this when she wakes up and cries in the morning. I come into the room and say, "Good morning, Maya! She replies, "I'm okay. I feel better, now.)

10. "Jonah's sad. Jonah's happy, now." (This is a favorite car saying.)

9. "Jonah wake up! Open your eyes!" (She thinks I'll turn on the TV when he wakes up.)

8. "Mommy/Daddy fix it."

7. "Maybe more Wiggles will come on." (We listen to music a lot)

6. "Oooooo... is so cuuuuute." (Jonah, teddy, catty, etc.)

5. "I see right there!"

4. "Brrrrr. So cold. Need sweater for toasty warm." (She is obsessed with wearing cardigans)

3. "Maybe watch a show?" (Said in a sly, contemplative tone)

2. "Maybe another day."

1. "Maybe tomorrow we can ." (Go to the playground, go on the slide, go swinging, etc.)

"Maybe tomorrow we can play with more flowers."

"Ooooo. Jonah so cute!"

"Maybe another day we'll get more flowers."

"Jonah's so happy!"

"Brrrrrr. Sweater, please!"

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