Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jonah's 2-Week Photo Shoot

Better late than never, right?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Little Family

It's not always easy these days, but I have to admit, I love having 2 kids.

"I gave all my pacis to Jonah. I miss them sometimes..."

"Don't worry - I gave Jonah a checkup and he's healthy as a horse (or a pony)."

"Mommy and I rub Jonah's back while he does tummy time."

"I give my baby brother plenty of kisses."

"Sometimes Jonah loves his warm tubby so much, he falls asleep."

"Wow. Daddy's head is like, 10 times the size of Jonah's!"

"Jonah was NOT cool with sharing his bassinet."

"Mommy! Get in the picture!"

"Mommy says I used to be even smaller than Jonah, but I don't believe it for a second."

"I'm a good big sister. Really."

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Big Sis...

Maya adores taking care of Jonah. She covers him when she thinks he's cold, reads him stories, dances with him to the songs on "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," and gives him his paci when it falls out of his mouth. She isn't really aware of her body yet, so sometimes she accidentally bonks Jonah in the head, but what else can I expect? Anyway, here is Maya, teaching her baby bro about science...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Part Deux

Nope, I didn't forget - I just wanted to give you time to digest part 1! Anyway, this version is called "Pass the Spoon." Can you tell how much Maya loves her Grampy?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pass the ?? : Part One

We took the kidlets out for dinner at a trendy new restaurant in White River Junction last night. We went early, since we knew it wasn't particularly child-friendly, and we weren't exactly dressed up. Anyway, Maya had a blast - especially while playing this "passing game" with Grampy. They were so sweet together.

Maya's First Haircut!

Well, we finally bit the bullet and took Maya to get a haircut. The hairdresser took off a whopping 2.5 inches, leaving Maya with a sweet little girl hairdo. She looks very sweet, and she can actually see again! Wahoo! In other news, Grammy and Grampy came to New Hampshire for a couple of days to play with us. On Friday night, Grampy and Kevin took Maya to see a Dartmouth hockey game. They had a great time eating hot dogs and pretzels, and apparently, Maya was extremely entertained. Too bad the season ended last night. Anyway, we've had a very eventful weekend, so now Maya is sleeping it off in her crib, while Jonah sleeps in off in his car seat. What a sweet couple of babes...

"Danielle, the hair lady, gave me this giant bib, a portable DVD player with Finding Nemo on it, and plenty of goldfish. Gooooood times."

"I sat on Daddy's lap for my haircut."

"I love getting my hair sprayed."

"Look! Hockey!"

"I shared pretzels with Grampy at the game."

"Grampy loves sports. I think they're okay..."

"Mommy, you should come sit with us!"

"I love giving kisses to the baby."

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper...

Maya is my little assistant these days. She helps change diapers and everything! Just this morning, when Jonah peed all over his own face, Maya was there to bring the wet clothes to the hamper. What a little sweetie. Jonah is pretty sweet, too, so I guess they are a good match.

"Jonah likes resting on his tummy."

"Mommy says Jonah has very little feet."

"Hi, Jonah!"

Mommy, can I go in the crib, too?"

"My pee pee never sprays in the air like that. Neat trick, Jonah!"

We've got Issues...

Computer issues, that is. We finally got a new laptop, but we are having trouble accessing photos and videos, so it's a work in progress. Anyway, here's a video of Maya loving Jonah. I promise to get back to regularly scheduled programming as soon as our computers issues are fixed. Oh, and also, as soon as we start actually doing something again. We've been pretty cooped up the past couple of weeks, so there isn't anything newsworthy to report!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big Sister Maya...

I know I've been a slacker, but hey, I have a new baby, what can I say? Anyway, I still have a million photos to post, from our stay in the hospital. Maya really loves Jonah, and she's been a great big sis so far. Even in the hospital, she gave him so much love.

"Nice work, Mommy!"

"Kisses for Jonah..."

"He's a pretty cool baby, Mommy and Daddy!"

"Mommy likes to hold the baby, and she says he might break if I drop him, so I don't really hold him too much yet."

Friday, February 5, 2010

Meet Maya's Baby...

Guess who's here?! That's right... We had our baby on Thursday morning! He was due on February 9th, but I went into labor on Wednesday evening. After a fairly quick, uneventful labor and delivery, Jonah was born at 1:51 on Thursday morning. He was 6 pounds, 14 ounces, and 20 inches long. He has been a sweet, happy, little boy, and we are so excited to bring him home in a few hours. Maya has been with my parents for the past 2 days, and she is having a blast. She has visited us in the hospital 3 times, and she loves her baby brother. I'm sure it will be different once we come home with Jonah, and my parents leave on Sunday, but for now, she is just excited to take care of her baby. She even says his name perfectly! I have a million photos and videos, but these will have to be okay for now. I'll post more soon. Oh, and for those of us who have emailed or called us - thank you! We will get back to you soon!

"When Mommy said 'good night' to me on Wednesday, she still had the baby in her belly."

"He's here! Happy birthday, Jonah!"

"Mommy says this is exactly what I looked like as a newborn."

"Censor that tushy! Jonah might be angry about this photo someday!"

"Mommy loves this baby, but she still loves me, too."

"This is Jonah's first tubby. He takes a shower, like me!"

"Grammy loves the baby, but she plays will me a lot, too."

"I don't know about this new guy..."

"Nevermind. He grew on me. I like his feet."

"Jonah has really long fingernails. He scratched up his face in the first couple of hours after he was born."

"Mommy, why is the baby so sleepy?"

Monday, February 1, 2010

Brownies, Bagels, and Chocolate...

We had a very relaxing weekend. We didn't do much of anything, and it was actually really nice. Saturday and Sunday were full of baking. I made several batches of brownies, and a batch of everything bagels. On Saturday night, we decided to make a trip to "The Common Man." It's a restaurant in New Hampshire, where Kevin's family used to eat when they vacationed in Waterville Valley, NH. Now, the restaurant is a franchise, and there just happens to be one about 40 minutes from our house. Anyway, we had such a nice time at dinner, and Maya was on her very best behavior. After dinner, instead of giving mints or fortune cookies, "The Common Man" gives you a scoop of white chocolate shavings on a plate. Maya went nuts for the chocolate. She fed some to me, some to Kevin, and of course, some to herself. I have to admit - I hate white chocolate, but I'd eat just about anything if my little girl wants to feed it to me!

"Mommy put my hair in pigtails on Saturday. It's been so long since I've worn them, and I was very pleased with my hair."


"Mommy made strawberry cheesecake brownies. I liked them, even though I don't usually like cheese."

"Of course, the peanut butter chocolate chip brownies were better. Obviously."

"Daddy and I plowed our way through 4 bagels on Saturday morning. Thanks, Mom!"

"Mommy gave me white chocolate, and I loved it!"

"I fed some to Mommy, too, but she was just medium about it."