Sunday, February 21, 2010

Maya's First Haircut!

Well, we finally bit the bullet and took Maya to get a haircut. The hairdresser took off a whopping 2.5 inches, leaving Maya with a sweet little girl hairdo. She looks very sweet, and she can actually see again! Wahoo! In other news, Grammy and Grampy came to New Hampshire for a couple of days to play with us. On Friday night, Grampy and Kevin took Maya to see a Dartmouth hockey game. They had a great time eating hot dogs and pretzels, and apparently, Maya was extremely entertained. Too bad the season ended last night. Anyway, we've had a very eventful weekend, so now Maya is sleeping it off in her crib, while Jonah sleeps in off in his car seat. What a sweet couple of babes...

"Danielle, the hair lady, gave me this giant bib, a portable DVD player with Finding Nemo on it, and plenty of goldfish. Gooooood times."

"I sat on Daddy's lap for my haircut."

"I love getting my hair sprayed."

"Look! Hockey!"

"I shared pretzels with Grampy at the game."

"Grampy loves sports. I think they're okay..."

"Mommy, you should come sit with us!"

"I love giving kisses to the baby."

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