Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Food Court.

We went to Long Island last week, for Cousin Alex's first birthday party. We didn't get all that many pics of the party, but here's a snap of the cousins and mommies.

I'm not sure why I love this series of pictures (below). We were on our way to Long Island, and we stopped at the mall in Stamford, to meet our friend, Aaron, and eat some lunch. There were no high chairs, so Jonah sat with Kevin and ate his nuggets and fries. Kev chatted with Aaron, while Jonah quietly and happily ate at the table. It was really sweet to watch them together, so I started snapping photos.

"Jonah, you can't drink soda!"

"Joney loves fries, just like me!"

"Joney, you're eating all my nuggies!"

"Only Mommies and Daddies can drink the soda."

"Good sharing, Bobo."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Weekend...

Jonah had his big birthday party, this past weekend, and guess who forgot to take photos? Well, I took a few, but definitely not enough. So... since I haven't yet downloaded them, here are some random, but sweet photos of my babes. They are such a cute couple. Jonah has a whopping 6 teeth now - 4 on top, and 2 on the bottom! Maya is chatting up a storm, and has recently started saying, "That sounds awesome! That's amazing!" She also has a few other interesting words, but I'm not sure they are blog appropriate. In any case, I love my little ones.

"Like our jammies? Jonah is wearing Mickey, and I'm wearing Minnie! Joney's sleeper is too big, and he woke up with both legs stuck in one leg hole, so Mommy says he can't wear them again. Boo."

"Look at Joey, on Nana's bed! Silly boy!"

"Did you know that Jonah can eat peannut butter, now? Lucky boy! He loves it!"

"This is my family. We used the timer on the camera. Like it?"

Friday, February 11, 2011


I can't believe my little baby is one. I'm pretty sure I just had him yesterday... Right? Anyway, we had a 4-person celebration, last Friday, on his actual birthday. It was all fun and games, until Miss Maya blew out Jonah's candle, and hot wax spattered all over Jonah's sweet face. He literally had little drops of dried wax ALL over his cheeks. He was a tad upset, and Maya didn't understand at all. Bummer. After that, Jonah had no interest in his cake. Oh well. Happy birthday, my sweet baby boy! I love you, with your 4 teeth, yummy dimple, and sweet little crawling legs. You have been the most delicious baby brother we could ask for!

"This is my one-year-old baby brother. Sweet, huh?"

"Look at that giant cuppy cake! Daddy and I shared a HUGE piece."

"At first, Joney loved his birthday."

"Oops. Momma says I blew wax at his face, but it was just an accident, and I said 'Sorry,' so Jonah forgave me, and I got to eat his cake."

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lesson Learned... Well, maybe.

Why can't I just realize, that when I let Maya or Jonah play with my camera, it's going to break?! Well, my camera did break a couple of weeks ago, and I had to send it away to get fixed. I just got it back, this past weekend, so these photos of Aryella's birthday party are pretty old. She's been 3 for a whopping 3 weeks now! She had an amazing princess themed party, and Maya had a blast. She got to dress and act like a princess for a whopping 2 hours, plus, there was cake and chocolate covered pretzels. What could be better?

"Look at Aryella and her cake! She was the queen of the party!"

"I am the princess on my throne!"

"Joney! You're not a princess!"

"I love my crown, and this cake."

"Jonah played with Jen and Dave, while I did my princess stuff."

"Ring-around-the-Rosey, princess style!"

"We played so many games at the party - I was exhausted!"

"Dad and Joney are boys, so they couldn't really participate."

"Wait, this party has to end? Boo."