Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Weekend...

Jonah had his big birthday party, this past weekend, and guess who forgot to take photos? Well, I took a few, but definitely not enough. So... since I haven't yet downloaded them, here are some random, but sweet photos of my babes. They are such a cute couple. Jonah has a whopping 6 teeth now - 4 on top, and 2 on the bottom! Maya is chatting up a storm, and has recently started saying, "That sounds awesome! That's amazing!" She also has a few other interesting words, but I'm not sure they are blog appropriate. In any case, I love my little ones.

"Like our jammies? Jonah is wearing Mickey, and I'm wearing Minnie! Joney's sleeper is too big, and he woke up with both legs stuck in one leg hole, so Mommy says he can't wear them again. Boo."

"Look at Joey, on Nana's bed! Silly boy!"

"Did you know that Jonah can eat peannut butter, now? Lucky boy! He loves it!"

"This is my family. We used the timer on the camera. Like it?"

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