Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lesson Learned... Well, maybe.

Why can't I just realize, that when I let Maya or Jonah play with my camera, it's going to break?! Well, my camera did break a couple of weeks ago, and I had to send it away to get fixed. I just got it back, this past weekend, so these photos of Aryella's birthday party are pretty old. She's been 3 for a whopping 3 weeks now! She had an amazing princess themed party, and Maya had a blast. She got to dress and act like a princess for a whopping 2 hours, plus, there was cake and chocolate covered pretzels. What could be better?

"Look at Aryella and her cake! She was the queen of the party!"

"I am the princess on my throne!"

"Joney! You're not a princess!"

"I love my crown, and this cake."

"Jonah played with Jen and Dave, while I did my princess stuff."

"Ring-around-the-Rosey, princess style!"

"We played so many games at the party - I was exhausted!"

"Dad and Joney are boys, so they couldn't really participate."

"Wait, this party has to end? Boo."

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