Friday, February 11, 2011


I can't believe my little baby is one. I'm pretty sure I just had him yesterday... Right? Anyway, we had a 4-person celebration, last Friday, on his actual birthday. It was all fun and games, until Miss Maya blew out Jonah's candle, and hot wax spattered all over Jonah's sweet face. He literally had little drops of dried wax ALL over his cheeks. He was a tad upset, and Maya didn't understand at all. Bummer. After that, Jonah had no interest in his cake. Oh well. Happy birthday, my sweet baby boy! I love you, with your 4 teeth, yummy dimple, and sweet little crawling legs. You have been the most delicious baby brother we could ask for!

"This is my one-year-old baby brother. Sweet, huh?"

"Look at that giant cuppy cake! Daddy and I shared a HUGE piece."

"At first, Joney loved his birthday."

"Oops. Momma says I blew wax at his face, but it was just an accident, and I said 'Sorry,' so Jonah forgave me, and I got to eat his cake."

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Beth said...

It is so great that Maya was forgiven for the accident. Jonah is so special and so adorable... like his big sister! Happy first birthday, sweet little boy!