Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Saying Bye Bye...

Our last week in New Hamp was so nice. Maya and I hung out with friends, and did a lot of playing. It was sad to say good bye to Mary and Lisa, Kerry and Olivia, Amelia and Lucas, and a lot of others. I hope we all keep in touch. The move has been going really well, and I am just so happy that our sendoff was so positive. Maya and Jonah are adjusting well to our new place, so I guess you could say we've moved on!

"LOOK! We found this giant Minnie Mouse in a bathing suit at K Mart. Mom let me put it in the cart, but much to my chagrin, it was only temporary."

"Minnie gave my a piggy back ride in the cart."

"We both fit in front of the cart... but it was a little tight."

"Jonah and I have started playing together. Daddy and Mommy say he's becoming 'interactive,' whatever that means."

"Olivia and Mary met us at Allechante the day before we moved. Why is my chair empty?"

"Mommy, Lisa, and Kerry say it's very hard to get the three of us together for a photo. I don't know what they're talking about."

"Mary, Jonah and I played at the Montshire one last time. Mommy says we don't live near the Monty anymore, but I still think about it daily. Good thing there's a pool at our new place."

"I like holding as many things as I possibly can. It's tough when you are wet and slippery, though."

"I'll miss this place."

"Jonah doesn't know how to swim yet. Go figure."

"Mary is going to have a little brother soon. She'll be a good big sis."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Balloons! Balloons!

Guess where we are??? Yes, that's right, we made our big move last Thursday, and we're now living in Connecticut, in our cozy little apartment. We just got internet and cable yesterday, so I'm finally ready to update the blog. Our last weekend in New Hampshire was absolutely wonderful - a great sendoff! There was a Hot Air Balloon Festival in Quechee, so we spent Saturday and Sunday playing at the fest, and my parents even came up to watch the babes on Saturday, so Kev and I could go to the graduation dinner for his fellowship. All in all, it was probably my favorite weekend in New Hamp. I guess it's great to leave on a high note!

"Look at all these balloons!"

"This teddy balloon is my favorite."
"So many balloons! Can we go on one?"

"There's my cowboy teddy again!"

"Did you know Jonah is ticklish now?"

"Mommy is always giving kisses."

"I love my Daddy. Does that make me a Daddy's girl?"

"Jonah, why are you looking so serious?"

"We bought a big cone of popcorn, and Daddy fed them to me one by one, so I wouldn't choke."

"So many things to see!"

"Mmmmmm. Popcorn..."

"Mom says I need to show my empty mouth before I take more popcorn."

"These are our friends - Baby Lucas, Baby Will, and all the parents. Everyone moved last week - Will went to Massachusetts, and Lucas went to New Orleans. We miss everyone!"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grammy's Last Week!

Part of the reason we stayed in CT last week, was because Grammy had her retirement party. She has been working as a speech pathologist at Middlebury Elementary School for 20 years, and has decided to call it quits. We had a great time at the dinner. It was at a country club, so there was a golf course right outside. Maya really enjoyed running around and collecting golf balls, and then throwing them into the parking lot. It was a really nice evening, with good food, great company, and very touching speeches directed at Grammy. Maya and Jonah were so proud!

"This is our family, minus Daddy, Uncle Adam, and Uncle Dan."

"Aunt Debsie held Jonah, while I sat on Grammy's lap."

"Jonah likes the exersaucer... next up - the Jumperoo!"

"I really like eating my food out of Jonah's empty baby food containers..."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mazel Tov, Dave and Jen!

As I mentioned, we spent last weekend in Virginia Beach, celebrating Cousin Dave and New-Cousin Jen's wedding. We had a wonderful time, though it was way too short! We didn't even have a chance to swim in the ocean or hang out on the beach. We took a long bike ride on the boardwalk, but spent most of our time partaking in wedding festivities. The wedding was beautiful, perfect, and joyous. There were 180 people there, which is truly amazing, since a vast majority of the guests were from way out of town. This is a testament to how much people love Dave, Jen, and both their families. We were blown away. My photos aren't great, but don't let it fool you - we had a really fun trip. We've been back a while, and I have a lot of catching up to do. Forgive my lack of blog posts. We are in the midst of moving, so there's a lot to do these days!

"Look at Daddy! He was a groomsman, so he was in charge of decorating the car."

"Aunt Heddy and Cousin David look so good!"

"Jen looked so beautiful. I wish Maya had been there to see her pretty dress!"

"Mommy gave me a piece of this cake... secondhand."

"I was really sleepy at the wedding, but I was a trooper!"

"Jaden entertained me during the wedding ceremony."

"This yamulke is huge on me!"

"Where's my sister? We miss you, Maya B.!"

"I love Daddy."

Friday, June 11, 2010

Missing Maya B.

Maya! We miss you! This is our first weekend away from our little girl. We left her in CT with Grammy and Grampy, while we took Jonah down to Virginia Beach for Cousin David's wedding. Maya is sick with a yucky cold, and she enjoys her time with Grammy and Grampy, so we decided to spare her the 10 hour trip, and leave her in CT. Jonah definitely missed his backseat companion on the way down to VA, but now he's doing much better. We are only here until tomorrow (the wedding is tonight), and we have had a great day. This morning, we took Jacob and Jaden on a bike ride on a 4 person bike. Afterward, we met up with Julie and Dave for lunch. The weather is perfect, and this is a great town. Our hotel leaves something to be desired, but that's okay. Jonah is napping right now, and I am catching up on some things, so all is well in the world. In a couple of hours, we'll walk across the street to the wedding, and party all evening! I'll post photos later this weekend! Anyway, we definitely miss our little girl, and can't wait to love her up and down tomorrow night, when we get home!

"My big sis has a bad cold, so she's relaxing at Grammy and Grampy's house."

"Mommy let Maya watch TV in her bed while she was sick."

"Our hotel couldn't come up with a Pack n Play, so Mommy and I napped together yesterday. We have a Pack n Play now. Way to come through, Ramada..."

"Like our giant bicycle?"

"Jaden, Jacob, and Daddy took this self-portrait. I should be in it, too, since I'm one of the boys, but Mommy was holding me."

"Jaden loves me."

"Aryella is so much like Maya B.! She wouldn't sit still for a photo with us!"

"Papa Burt knows how to make me smile!"

"I wore my bib for lunch, even though I wasn't eating chicken nuggies with the boys."

Monday, June 7, 2010

Four Years.

Kevin and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on Friday. I made Rachael Ray's Ultimate Chocolate Cake during the day, while Kevin was at work. Believe it or not, it was the first time I've ever made a chocolate cake from scratch. Well, my first mistake was buying disposable pans at the supermarket, because Kevin had already packed our round cake pans. The cakes were a tad uneven and funky looking, but that's okay. My second mistake was that I didn't let the frosting cool enough in the fridge, so when I frosted the cake, it just ran all over the place and created a giant pool of chocolate on the plate. So... there are worse things than your cake being in a pool of chocolate, right?

Anyway, that evening, we went to Claremont to eat at The Common Man. It was a perfect evening, so we decided to sit outside, which is usually not my favorite. This particular night, however, was so beautiful. The temperature was perfect, and the view was gorgeous. It's a huge patio, so Maya ran around without bothering anyone, and Jonah fell asleep in the sling. The food was delicious, and all of us came and left happy. It was definitely one of our best nights out. It was so nice to be able to say that our whole family celebrated our anniversary, and that it was a great success!

"My brother is crazy! Mommy tried to feed him oatmeal, and he didn't want any!"

"Mommy eventually got him to try it, but he was NOT a fan... Can you tell?"

"I am so lucky. Mommy made frosting, and I got to lick the spoon!"

"Mommy says a cake shouldn't be sitting in a puddle of chocolate, but I think it's yummy."

"Dinner at The Common Man was really good, but Jonah only drank milk."

"Jonah loves to rest on Mommy in the sling."

"The waitress gave me a big picture and crayons. Daddy did most of the coloring, but I made many comments about the colors, and how they were very similar to the Wiggles' shirts."

"These cloth napkins are very nice. I enjoyed using them as a head scarf."

"We are a nice family, don't you think?"

"This was a huge porch, so I did lots and lots of laps."

"I had a blast - can you tell?"

"Mommy and I played 'Around the corner peek-a-boo,' which was really really fun."


"Best. Dinner. Ever."