Monday, June 7, 2010

Four Years.

Kevin and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on Friday. I made Rachael Ray's Ultimate Chocolate Cake during the day, while Kevin was at work. Believe it or not, it was the first time I've ever made a chocolate cake from scratch. Well, my first mistake was buying disposable pans at the supermarket, because Kevin had already packed our round cake pans. The cakes were a tad uneven and funky looking, but that's okay. My second mistake was that I didn't let the frosting cool enough in the fridge, so when I frosted the cake, it just ran all over the place and created a giant pool of chocolate on the plate. So... there are worse things than your cake being in a pool of chocolate, right?

Anyway, that evening, we went to Claremont to eat at The Common Man. It was a perfect evening, so we decided to sit outside, which is usually not my favorite. This particular night, however, was so beautiful. The temperature was perfect, and the view was gorgeous. It's a huge patio, so Maya ran around without bothering anyone, and Jonah fell asleep in the sling. The food was delicious, and all of us came and left happy. It was definitely one of our best nights out. It was so nice to be able to say that our whole family celebrated our anniversary, and that it was a great success!

"My brother is crazy! Mommy tried to feed him oatmeal, and he didn't want any!"

"Mommy eventually got him to try it, but he was NOT a fan... Can you tell?"

"I am so lucky. Mommy made frosting, and I got to lick the spoon!"

"Mommy says a cake shouldn't be sitting in a puddle of chocolate, but I think it's yummy."

"Dinner at The Common Man was really good, but Jonah only drank milk."

"Jonah loves to rest on Mommy in the sling."

"The waitress gave me a big picture and crayons. Daddy did most of the coloring, but I made many comments about the colors, and how they were very similar to the Wiggles' shirts."

"These cloth napkins are very nice. I enjoyed using them as a head scarf."

"We are a nice family, don't you think?"

"This was a huge porch, so I did lots and lots of laps."

"I had a blast - can you tell?"

"Mommy and I played 'Around the corner peek-a-boo,' which was really really fun."


"Best. Dinner. Ever."

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Beth said...

You do make a beautiful family! The photos are great. Congratulations to you on your 4th wedding anniversary. I am glad your celebration was so perfect. It looks like you all had so much fun. BTW, the chocolate cake looks delicious to me, puddle of chocolate and all.