Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grammy's Last Week!

Part of the reason we stayed in CT last week, was because Grammy had her retirement party. She has been working as a speech pathologist at Middlebury Elementary School for 20 years, and has decided to call it quits. We had a great time at the dinner. It was at a country club, so there was a golf course right outside. Maya really enjoyed running around and collecting golf balls, and then throwing them into the parking lot. It was a really nice evening, with good food, great company, and very touching speeches directed at Grammy. Maya and Jonah were so proud!

"This is our family, minus Daddy, Uncle Adam, and Uncle Dan."

"Aunt Debsie held Jonah, while I sat on Grammy's lap."

"Jonah likes the exersaucer... next up - the Jumperoo!"

"I really like eating my food out of Jonah's empty baby food containers..."

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