Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Theme-less Post...

Here are some random shots from the past week. First, we took Kevin out for birthday #32. We met Dave, Jessica, Mo, Christie, and Eve for dinner at Toro. It was so nice to visit with friends. On Thursday, Jonah had his 4-month appointment with Dr. Turkey. He is 13 lbs., 6.5 ounces! He weighs in in the 40th percentile, and is in the 60th percentile for height. She also gave us the go-ahead to start cereal. So far, he has shown no interest whatsoever. This is the exact opposite of Starvin' Marvin Maya, who gobbled down every food imaginable at 4 months! Different strokes, right??

"Mommy says Jonah thinks this food is gross."

"Daddy is holding Eve, Christie has Jonah... so where am I?"

"Mom and Dad too us to a Memorial Day parade last week. It was no match for a Disney Parade, but it'll do."

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