Friday, June 11, 2010

Missing Maya B.

Maya! We miss you! This is our first weekend away from our little girl. We left her in CT with Grammy and Grampy, while we took Jonah down to Virginia Beach for Cousin David's wedding. Maya is sick with a yucky cold, and she enjoys her time with Grammy and Grampy, so we decided to spare her the 10 hour trip, and leave her in CT. Jonah definitely missed his backseat companion on the way down to VA, but now he's doing much better. We are only here until tomorrow (the wedding is tonight), and we have had a great day. This morning, we took Jacob and Jaden on a bike ride on a 4 person bike. Afterward, we met up with Julie and Dave for lunch. The weather is perfect, and this is a great town. Our hotel leaves something to be desired, but that's okay. Jonah is napping right now, and I am catching up on some things, so all is well in the world. In a couple of hours, we'll walk across the street to the wedding, and party all evening! I'll post photos later this weekend! Anyway, we definitely miss our little girl, and can't wait to love her up and down tomorrow night, when we get home!

"My big sis has a bad cold, so she's relaxing at Grammy and Grampy's house."

"Mommy let Maya watch TV in her bed while she was sick."

"Our hotel couldn't come up with a Pack n Play, so Mommy and I napped together yesterday. We have a Pack n Play now. Way to come through, Ramada..."

"Like our giant bicycle?"

"Jaden, Jacob, and Daddy took this self-portrait. I should be in it, too, since I'm one of the boys, but Mommy was holding me."

"Jaden loves me."

"Aryella is so much like Maya B.! She wouldn't sit still for a photo with us!"

"Papa Burt knows how to make me smile!"

"I wore my bib for lunch, even though I wasn't eating chicken nuggies with the boys."

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