Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Balloons! Balloons!

Guess where we are??? Yes, that's right, we made our big move last Thursday, and we're now living in Connecticut, in our cozy little apartment. We just got internet and cable yesterday, so I'm finally ready to update the blog. Our last weekend in New Hampshire was absolutely wonderful - a great sendoff! There was a Hot Air Balloon Festival in Quechee, so we spent Saturday and Sunday playing at the fest, and my parents even came up to watch the babes on Saturday, so Kev and I could go to the graduation dinner for his fellowship. All in all, it was probably my favorite weekend in New Hamp. I guess it's great to leave on a high note!

"Look at all these balloons!"

"This teddy balloon is my favorite."
"So many balloons! Can we go on one?"

"There's my cowboy teddy again!"

"Did you know Jonah is ticklish now?"

"Mommy is always giving kisses."

"I love my Daddy. Does that make me a Daddy's girl?"

"Jonah, why are you looking so serious?"

"We bought a big cone of popcorn, and Daddy fed them to me one by one, so I wouldn't choke."

"So many things to see!"

"Mmmmmm. Popcorn..."

"Mom says I need to show my empty mouth before I take more popcorn."

"These are our friends - Baby Lucas, Baby Will, and all the parents. Everyone moved last week - Will went to Massachusetts, and Lucas went to New Orleans. We miss everyone!"

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