Thursday, June 3, 2010

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Debbie and Dan!

It was a WONDERFUL wedding weekend. Deb and Dan were radiant, and had a blast. I went to CT with the kids on Tuesday, and Kevin came to meet us on Friday. Unfortunately, he came, accompanied by a nasty cold. He was really feeling terrible, just in time for the rehearsal dinner at Maggie's, and the Auf Ruf at the temple. Fortnately, he turned a corner just in time for the wedding. We had intended to keep Jonah at the wedding for the whole affair, and to send Maya home with Kevin's cousin, Jonathan, because we knew she'd never sleep at the wedding. Well, there must be something in the air, because Jonathan was sick, too. So... we had a 3 month old and a 2 year old at the wedding... until midnight. Yikes. They both did very well, actually, despite the fact that Maya spent the ceremony eating Ritz Crackers. She also has taken an extreme liking to chapstick, and spent the better part of Debbie's wedding day, smearing her face with waxy lip balm. Just before the ceremony, I gave her a brand new chapstick, so it kept her pacified for a big part of the ceremony. Anyway, despite having two exhausted kids at the party, we had a great time. We were all pretty beaten down at the brunch the next day, but besides that, we enjoyed the wedding weekend so much. I am so happy for Debbie and Dan.
"Daddy was sick this weekend. Poor guy."

"I love chapstick. I mean, seriously, love is in the air."

"Always happy at Grammy's house."

"Did you know that Grampy and Jonah are both boys? Whatever that means..."

"Aunt Debsie loves this book."

"This is my Mommy and me."

"Debsie is so pretty!"

"I am so pretty, too."

"Jonah wore a tux to the wedding!"

"Grampy and Jonah look so sweet..."

"Here are the girls, but where am I?"

"Aunt Debsie and Aunt Nora are like models!"

"My mommy is cute with her sisters."

"Hi Mom!"

"Mommy and I have matching toes!"

"Dan and Debs were so excited at the rehearsal dinner. We had fun."

"Did you know that Aunt nora and Uncle Adam are cooking up a cousin for me?"

"I ate chicken nuggets and corn at the rehearsal dinner. In fact, I pretty much ate chicken nuggets every day last week..."

"Nice 'do, Aunt Debs!"

"I wish I had a dress like that!"

"While Debbie and Dan danced, I danced with Mommy."

"This cake looked yummy, but by the time it came out, I was too tired to chew."

"Time for the "Day After Brunch!"

"We were all soooo sleepy."

"Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. G!"

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