Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mazel Tov, Dave and Jen!

As I mentioned, we spent last weekend in Virginia Beach, celebrating Cousin Dave and New-Cousin Jen's wedding. We had a wonderful time, though it was way too short! We didn't even have a chance to swim in the ocean or hang out on the beach. We took a long bike ride on the boardwalk, but spent most of our time partaking in wedding festivities. The wedding was beautiful, perfect, and joyous. There were 180 people there, which is truly amazing, since a vast majority of the guests were from way out of town. This is a testament to how much people love Dave, Jen, and both their families. We were blown away. My photos aren't great, but don't let it fool you - we had a really fun trip. We've been back a while, and I have a lot of catching up to do. Forgive my lack of blog posts. We are in the midst of moving, so there's a lot to do these days!

"Look at Daddy! He was a groomsman, so he was in charge of decorating the car."

"Aunt Heddy and Cousin David look so good!"

"Jen looked so beautiful. I wish Maya had been there to see her pretty dress!"

"Mommy gave me a piece of this cake... secondhand."

"I was really sleepy at the wedding, but I was a trooper!"

"Jaden entertained me during the wedding ceremony."

"This yamulke is huge on me!"

"Where's my sister? We miss you, Maya B.!"

"I love Daddy."

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