Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kids and their Tricks.

I feel like I am constantly raving about Maya and Jonah's new tricks. Jonah is a laughing, smiley little man, and loves his Bumbo Seat. Maya is talking in hilarious sentences. This afternoon in the car, I heard her says, "I have a brother named Jonah Balogna!" They couldn't be sweeter and cuter. We got home today, after being in Connecticut for the week, for Debbie's wedding (pictures to be posted soon - I promise), and the kids had a great time. Maya is obsessed with Grammy and Grampy. If I say, "Maya, I love you!" Her response is, "I love Grammy, too! And The Wiggles!" Um, thanks. Anyway, we had a fun week. Maya played like crazy, stayed up late, and behaved like a little angel. Jonah was delicious as always.

"Jonah and I love playing on Mommy and Daddy's bed."

"Mommy and I both carry our babies in a sling."


"I am a giant compared to Jonah. Don't you think?"

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Beth said...

You and Jonah are two amazing honeys. It was wonderful to see your adorable faces, give you lots of hugs and to see how much you have grown! Love always, Aunt Beth