Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We Love Spring!

Sort of. We've been spending a lot of time outside lately, which is obviously wonderful, and extremely exhausting for the kids, but it has been awfully hot. In fact, Jonah room soared to 80 degrees the other night while he was sleeping, which did not make for a happy Jonah. Yesterday, after realizing that Jonah was simply going to refuse to sleep in such a hot house, we decided to come to CT, and enjoy the air conditioning at Grammy and Grampy's house. My little sis, Debbie, is getting married on Saturday, so we only came home a couple of days early. Anyway, now that we're here, Jonah is sleeping peacefully, and Maya is... well... being Maya. I'll try to take lots of photos while I'm here, but you know me... I get caught up in being away. Don't forget us while we're gone!

"Jonah has some cute hats. Mommy never puts me in hats... I refuse to wear them, anyway, so that's probably why."

"Recently, I decided that I love pistachios. I love them even more, when I'm on the porch, because I can throw the shells on the lawn!"

"Another hat?!"

"Mommy made these chocolate peanut butter sandwich cookies from Rachael Ray magazine. They look delicious, but were only medium."

"Like my sunglasses?"

"I'm cool, I know."

"Jonah liked wearing my sunglasses, too, but Mommy kept missing the photo, because I kept taking them off."

"Silly Daddy. Jonah is way too small for that!"

"I have recently been spending every possibly moment on the porch. I especially love the porch when it includes food, and Daddy. Jonah? Meh."

"We found this cute little playground. I like it, but there aren't any swings. What a bumnmer."


Beth said...

Those babies certainly are beautiful. Can't wait to see you all this weekend!

Beth said...

I have to keep going back to the blog to look at those adorable children!