Monday, May 3, 2010

Capri Season.

Funny story...

We went to Connecticut to look at houses and apartments this weekend. It was a very warm day, but I didn't realize quite how warm it really was. I brought a few changes of clothing for the kids, so after a few hours, I took off Jonah's jeans, and changed him into shorts. When we got back to NH later that day, Maya had gotten her clothes dirty, so I asked Kevin to put her in a pair of jeans. When she came out, she was in capri jeans. I asked Kevin, "Which jeans are those?" To which Kevin answered, "I don't know. I found them in this bag." Um, they were Jonah's jeans... So, apparently my kiddos can share pants... Hmph.

"It's been hot here, so Mommy lets Jonah sleep in his diaper."

"Mommy says Jonah is losing his hair. Not me. I have a lot of it."

"Like my new Disney cup?"

"Look! I'm wearing Jonah's pants!"

"Mommy and Lisa let Mary and me sit by the counter at Shepard's Pie. We ate fruit salad and acted like truckers."

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