Saturday, May 8, 2010

More Strawberries, Please.

Kevin takes a bag of Special K Red Berries to work every day for breakfast. A few months ago, Maya discovered the dehydrated strawberries, and has been asking me to pick them out of the Special K ever since. The problem lies in the fact that the red berries in the Special K are not exactly plentiful, so theey run out quickly. We have been forced to resort to buying "Just Strawberries," which is just a tub of dehydrated strawberries - also known as "The Most Expensive Strawberries known to Man." Oh well. The princess always gets what she wants, right? Right??

"This is me telling secrets with Daddy."

"I love tickles."

"We go out for a walk every night if it's nice out. It gets cold out at night, so Jonah gets dressed in this getup,"

"Mommy and Jonah do snuggles after tubby time."

"These freeze dried strawberries are the best!'

1 comment:

lori frerman said...

Haha! The first picture looks like a headless daddy!
Those strawberries are the best!