Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We have been on playdates galore lately. It is really a wonderful thing, because little Maya is getting really great at playing with friends. She loves having people at the house, and she adores playing with toys at other kids' houses. I love to see her making friends. Jonah, of course, takes it all in stride, and really loves watching other kids and playing with his mommy and daddy. All in all, they are happily making friends.

"This is my friend Vanessa. We played on Sunday!"

"Like my princess costume? Vanessa loves it."

"We have fun together."

"My new friend Ainsley loves baby Joney. Her mommy is having a baby, too!"

"Jonah loves a good playdate."

"Ainsley thinks I'm so funny."

"I'm talking to Auntie Nora on the phone. I am ALWAYS talking to Auntie Nora on the phone."

"Ainsley and I are buds. I love her toys."

"Mommy made brownies for Tot Shabbat, and she let me do the licking."

"When you ask me if I helped Mommy bake the brownies, I'll tell you that I helped clean... with my tongue."

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