Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Cousin Time!

Cousin Dave and Cousin Jen came to visit us last weekend, from Virginia Beach. We told Maya they were coming, and she was basically as excited as humanly possible. She couldn't wait to play with Cousin Jen. Well, let's just say, she was NOT let down at all. She played with Jen, nonstop, for the entire weekend. Even when Jen wasn't there, Maya talked about her. Some cute Maya-isms:

"Wait! I have an idea! Maybe I could show Cousin Jen my shows!"
"Maybe Jen should cuddle with me on the couch."
"Mommy, I don't want to walk on tip toes. I want Jen to wake up."
"Jen, you look beautiful."
"Where's Jen? Where's Jen? Where's Jen?"

We had a great time this weekend. On Sunday, we invited some of Kevin's family to come over and play. We had such a nice time with everyone. Now that the house is empty, it feels pretty quiet around here!

"Mommy says this is her favorite picture of Daddy and Jonny."

"Daddy and Jonny realized they had the same shirt, but Daddy's is red, and Jonny's is blue. They were very excited when they figured this out."

"Mommy says these are Back to the Future references. Whatever that means."

"They found this hilarious. I like seeing Daddy laugh."

"Daddy and Jonny were really into this."

"Nana and Heddy love our little Joney."

"Jonny is very silly."

"He loves Mommy's food. We all do."

"This is my best friend, Cousin Jen. Isn't she pretty?"

"Jonah loves Aunt Heddy. Who doesn't?"

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