Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy January!

We have a nice holiday break. I call it that, because we didn't have school for a week. Instead, we had a sort of eventful, yet relaxing few days. One fun thing, is that it snowed about a foot, here in New England. Kevin and Maya went sledding in our new backyard, for the first time. They had fun, but sadly, it ended with a visit from the neighbor's dog. The dog is a pup, and nabbed Kevin's glove. This made Maya extremely upset, so they had to terminate their sledding mission after about 45 minutes. As soon as Maya came inside, she saw a Hanukkah gift from Bubbe, sitting on the counter, and her tears abruptly turned to, "I feel better now, and I want that." Hmph.

New Year's Eve was a bust. We went to Paul and Irina's house, about 35 minutes away. We picked up a bundle of Indian food on the way, and hung out with Paul, Irina, Baby Sophia (4 weeks old), Moshe, Christie, and Eve (17 months old). Jonah was acting a tad "off" during dinner. He was fussy, wouldn't eat, and he felt very warm to the touch. At 7:00, he managed to vomit all over the floor of Paul and Irina's lovely kitchen. I'm sure they were thrilled, considering they had a very tiny baby there. We cleaned up and high tailed it out of there. We didn't want to spread any viruses. Jonah felt better on New Year's Day, and even better the following day. He really took it like a champ. Anyway, so much for staying up until midnight, right?! Anyway, so far the New Year has been good to us, and it's back to the daily grind this morning. Sticky Fingers, here we come!

"Mommy, Jonah is playing with a tutu and a bottle of fake mustard! I keep telling him he looks beautiful, but he's only interested in playing with the bottle."

"I love to dress up like a princess, Mom."

"I think we need some of these princess dresses at our house. Coming to the JCC to play with them is fun, but I want to take this home."

"I woke up from my nap, and Mommy and Daddy whisked me into my snow clothes. I was really discombobulated, but I took it like a big girl."

"I really love Mommy."

"Jonah puked, only minutes later. Can you tell he's looking a little green?"

"Mommy! You need a ponytail! You're hiding!"

"That's Eve. She looks like she's making her 'mad face,' but Mommy says she just doesn't know how to pose yet."

"It's a good thing they were playing in the kitchen, and not on the carpet. You never know when Jonah might explode."

"Oh no! Time to go home already?! Joney! You aren't supposed to throw up at someone's house, when I'm busy having fun! Happy New Year to all, and to all, a good night!"

"Bye bye, Christie and Irina! Oh, and Sophia! You looked like a baby zebra there! I didn't realize that was you!"

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