Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Everywhere.

We got such an absurd amount of snow, in the past 24 hours. I mean, my deck is buried under several feet of snow, from both snowfall, and wind blown snow. It's amazing. Anyway, we've been keeping ourselves occupied this week. On Sunday, we visited Nora, Adam, and Shane, for a playdate. The kids had a great time together, despite the fact that Jonah seems to want to attack Shane. Don't worry - they love each other. Monday morning, after "Sticky Fingers," we had friends over to play. Maya, Sabrina, and Vanessa are a pretty cute little trio. Kevin and Maya also made it outside for a snowman-making fiesta. All in all, we are doing great. I hesitate to say this, but for the moment, both kiddos are healthy and happy. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but after about 6 weeks of on-and-off sick Maya and Jonah, I am certainly not taking these healthy moments for granted!

"I love Joney's silly alligator shirt."

"Like our snowman?"

"Daddy really made this snowman, because I can't really move or do much of anything when I'm bundled up in my mitts, hat, and snowpants."

"Good morning!"

"Sabrina and I had chicken nuggies for lunch, on our playdate. She likes the dino nuggies, just like Jonah and me."
"That's Shane and Nora. Shane is wearing Jonah's outfit. He's a cutie, huh?"

"Oh no! Jonah is about to eat Shane's face! Hurry and rescue Shane! Hurry!"

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Beth said...

Maya, I love your snowman. Didn't Jonah and Mommy want to help you and Daddy build him? I love snow, too! Did you give Mr. Snowman a name? You look adorable in your snowsuit.