Thursday, October 21, 2010


I knew that Maya would have a hard time adjusting to school, but I truly did not think that it would be 7 weeks into school, and she'd still be crying for long periods of time throughout the school day. The funny thing is, she loves school... She just wishes I'd stay with her, and love it while standing right next to her. Sigh. I'm sure it'll get better. I want her to love every second of it - to listen, learn, play, make friends... But I guess these things take time. All that being said, I've been enjoying my time alone with Jonah, while Maya is at school. It is really nice getting some quality, one on one time with him. We'll continue to work on Miss Maya. I am already researching into school for next year, because I think we'll have to look for a place a bit closer to our new digs.

As you can see, we have a lot going on, here at Chez Maya. With preschool, potty training, a big girl bed, and a new house, Maya has grown into a kid overnight. Bye bye, toddler-hood!

"Jonah is eating his Cheerios, to fuel up for our drive to school."

"He's hip."

"Here's a sample of what we've been up to at school."

"On Tuesday, Mommy and I cut into a pumpkin after school. We toasted the seeds, too."

"I did the mixing, because the pumpkin goo looked like fun."

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e and s said...

i'm a proud mom. I miss my kids being that small. My youngest started kindergarten already, my others is high school and middle school. Enjoy cause they really do grow up fast! from digitalmagnet.blogspot