Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good Choking!

This morning, Maya asked for applesauce for breakfast. Jonah was in the Jumperoo, bouncing around, and Maya was sitting sweetly, eating her sauce. I went around the corner to refill my coffee, and I hear Maya say, "Mommy, Joney is doing his good choking!" She said it particularly happily. Hmph. I, of course, bolted around the corner, to see Maya feeding Jonah applesauce in the Jumperoo. He was not choking, though she was sticking the spoon so far back, he was gagging like crazy. Oy. After explaining to Maya that we don't put the entire spoon in Jonah's mouth, I watched her feed him essentially an entire meal. It was pretty adorable.

"I love to feed this kid. He's like my personal, living doll."

"Daddy accidentally packed us up in one of the boxes, since we're moving next week!"

"Dad, we're not supposed to go in a box!"

"Mommy, that's a silly hat!"

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Beth said...

Remember to remove the adorable brother and sister act from the packing box, but be sure to take them with you. Priceless photos! Best of luck to you all on your move and in your new home!