Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Big Weekend

We took the kids to Grammy and Grampy's house this weekend, because my friend, Cassie, was getting married in my hometown. We decided to stay overnight, because the following day was Hazel's first birthday (she's my friend Jaime's baby). We were also shooting to get to a BBQ at Juju and Dave's house on Sunday evening. It was a jam packed weekend, and we are tired. In fact, my babies are still sleeping, and it's already 7 a.m. Nice. Anyway, the wedding was beautiful. They had it in the most picturesque setting, and the weather was just beautiful. I will let the photos speak for themselves, but just want to add, that it was such a wonderful weekend, seeing my oldest, dearest friends, and their families. I will post photos from Hazel's party, in a different post, because this one is getting crowded. Congrats to Cassie and Tony. Here's to a beautiful future together!

"Hazel, come tear down this giant tent with me!"

"Mommy, she is wearing a beautiful dress."

"When will the real dance music come on?"

"Mommy, I thought we were going to a party! Where's the cake?" (She really kept saying this during the ceremony.)

"Pretty dress, Cassie!"

"Look at that hat!"

"Can I put my chocolatey s'mores hands on your dress, Cassie?"

"Mommy says these are her old friends, but I don't think Jonah counts as an old friend."

"That's Sarah. I like her."

"Joney loves graham crackers."

"We had such fun, dancing the day away!"

"This is my ice cream cone (a.k.a marshmallow on a stick)!"

"This little girl loved dancing, just like me!"

"Look at us!"

"I dig these tent poles."
"I loved the wedding!"
"Congrats, Cassie and Tony!"

"Jonah was so sleepy, he passed out on Mommy."

"I wore Grammy's 'Officially Retired' crown for most of the day."


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