Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Exhaustion Rules the Week. All About the Princess.

Here's what's happening:

Maya is having a tough time adjusting to school.
Maya is now potty trained.
Maya has decided that she doesn't want to take naps anymore.
Maya is tired.
Maya is SO tired.

Jonah is... Jonah. Happy and cool. He has found his voice, and is now shrieking constantly, but it's not really unhappiness. More like a new excitement about hearing his own sounds.

Anyway, it's been a long, tiring week for all of us. It's a good thing these kids are adorable.

"Mommy says Jonah is old enough to ride in the front with me! I love Target, because these carts rock. Jonah and I share a toy, and then Mommy puts it back. Awesome. Seriously."

"I can't remember life without this little guy."

"Haha! Nice hat, Joney!"


Beth said...

And adorable they are!!!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a A Shannah Tovah U Metuka Tikatavu V Tikatamu Gmar Chatima Tovah to you and your Beautiful Family with Love and Hugs Always, Aunt Heddy, Uncle Michael, Dave, Jenn and Jonathan...Would have called still have your old numbers in my/our phone... LU talk soon

Awesome pictures, Blog and Cooking I love your, pictures soups and all you said... with extra love Aunt Heddy :o)