Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Big Kids!

Jonah is sitting! Maya started pre-school today! I can't believe it. My kids are getting so big and strong, and they are doing things I just can't believe they're doing. I am so proud of Jonah. Just one week ago, he was toppling over, every time we put him down. Now, he supports himself without a problem. Maya had her first day of school this morning, and although it was a tough first half of the day, she ended up having a blast. She didn't even care, when I came to get her at the end of the day. I'm pretty sure her teachers like her. She cried for a long time in the beginning, but then, the teachers said that she turned to them and said, "Oh, I'm sorry I was crying! I'm happy now. I'm not crying anymore." I was really proud of her. Now, she's up in her room playing in her crib, instead of napping. I'm so proud of my babes. They are such sweet, happy kids. I feel lucky today.

"Look at my brother! Sometimes I can even give him hugs, while he's sitting! He is so good at it!"

"Jonah and I got sick this week. We both have colds, so Mommy let me watch a show under the Snuggie."

"We got this new sticker/coloring book at Christmas Tree Shops. It's HUGE!"

"I love decorating the floor with my stickers."

"Good boy, Joney!"

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