Saturday, August 28, 2010

G'Bye, Summer Vacation...

Hello, empty mall playground!!! Every time we've been to the play area at the mall, it's been insanely crowded. Yesterday, we tried again, and there were only a few kids there, which makes it much easier to play, without anyone getting hurt. Anyway, the thing I've noticed, is that Maya finally enjoys playing with other kids. She has started making friends wherever she goes, and I love it. Yesterday, at the mall, she found this little group of boys, and followed them everywhere, doing her little playground tricks, and saying (over and over), "Hey guys! Look at this!" They were a little older, and being boys, they were sort of blowing her off, but she didn't car. She laughed when they laughed, and watched them play with their toy car. It was so cute. Later on that day, we walked over to the outdoor playground, where Maya made another little girlfriend. She would stand at the bottom of the slide, and cheer the girl on, saying, "C'mon! That's good sliding! Let's do one more, then I'll go home and watch my show!" I was cracking up.

And Jonah? He's sitting on his own! Congrats, little man! He still sort of leans forward and puts a hand on the floor or a toy, for stability, but he's working on it. I was even able to sit him totally upright in the stroller, without using the 5-point harness. He loved watching Maya at the mall. I swear - he worships her. I guess that's the way it should be, right?

"We stand at the window and say 'G'bye' to Daddy every morning. Here we are, waiting to see his car."

"Bye, Daddy! Have a good day at work!"

"He'll be back later."

"I really want to wear these shoes, but Mommy says they're too small. I keep telling her that someday I'll fit into them, but she says it doesn't work that way."

"Jonah loved sitting up in the stroller at the mall."

"I told him not to eat the strap, but he didn't listen."

"He's watching me play."

"Hi, Mommy!"

"These 3 little boys are my new friends."

"I like this little guy at the play area."

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Beth said...

Dear Sweet Maya, You and your baby brother, Jonah, are absolutely precious. I don't know how you both do it, but you become even cuter every day! I send you, Jonah and Mommy and Daddy my love.