Monday, August 9, 2010

Sleepy Times.

"My brother is going to start sleeping through the night. Mark my words!"

"I made castle with Jonah's food! Like it?"

Last night, we started sleep training Jonah. We went through this at 7 months with Maya, but we decided to get a head start last night (he is 6 months), because our nights have been straight up AWFUL. Jonah is the sweetest, calmest, happiest baby, but in the middle of the night, he really wants his mommy. Anyway, since he sleeps in our room (in his crib, NOT our bed), I decided to sleep in the family room, and let Kevin deal with the insanity, that I knew would ensue. Well, let's just say, Jonah was loud enough, that I've been up since 4:30 this morning, but it was well worth it. Jonah did great. Yes, he cried, screamed, fussed, etc., but he also figured it out. Kevin and I are both so thrilled. Tonight will be "Night 2," and I'll take my place on the Aerobed again, but after that, I think we should be all set... We are prepared for several tough days, but hopefully he'll adjust well. Keep your fingers crossed for us, please!

"I love corn. Did you know that?"

"This is us as Christmas Tree Shops, after Mommy bought me 2 beautiful bracelets. I love them."

"This is Jonah - so happy after his good rest."

"Did Jonah grow a beard, or is that just prunes and apples? You know, my Daddy gets a hairy face, so maybe it's true for Jonah, too..."

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