Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's 6:03 a.m...

...and my kids are still sleeping. I am watching Jonah on the monitor, and he is finally having a truly restful sleep, on his BELLY! Usually, he flips onto his tummy, wakes up, and freaks his beak, because he can't roll back. Anyway, I think this is a good thing, considering he hasn't woken up after 6 in a very, very long time. Anyway, the kids are so sleepy, because we had my whole family over yesterday, for a Labor Day/Debbie's birthday bonanza. Well... maybe it wasn't a bonanza, but it was a little get together, and we dined and played together, which was really nice. The kids had a blast, and got to see their new(ish) cousin, Shane, who is growing like a weed! By the way, if you want to "meet" Shane, his blog is up and running - just check my blog roll on the right side of the page! See you all later this week, and enjoy your holiday weekend. I think the baby just woke up... 6:10! Not too shabby!

"I'm working hard at pre-school."

"Mom had some issues getting us to smile at the same time, during this photo shoot."

"Joney is always grinning."

"I love pretending to do the shampoo in Joney's hair."


"Mommy is trying to make me laugh in the camera, but I'm just faking."

"Jonah, you're so sweet."

"I may look mean in this photo, but I'm really just a sweet girl."

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Amy said...

They are just TOO CUTE. I cant believe how big they are getting!! Hope Maya is enjoying preschool and YAY for sleep :)