Saturday, September 25, 2010


Seriously, that was the name of the Sukkah decorating party at the JCC. Maya now goes to school at the JCC, so when we brought her there, about 4 hours after school, she started to get upset, like we were going to drop her off and leave her. We took Kevin to see her classroom, and when we opened the door, Maya said, "Oh no! Where are all my friends??" Anyway, the edible sukkah decorating party was really cute. Well, it was messy and tasty, that's for sure. We tried building a sukkah, but as I constructed it, Maya deconstructed it and ate it. That was probably the most sugar she's ever had at one time, and she was loving it. I was a little worried she'd explode afterward, but she was okay. Jonah also had a great time, and he ate his first real solid food - a graham cracker! What a champ! It was a really nice time, and to top it off, we went out for Chinese food at Butterfly. Happy Sukkot! "This is my Grammy. I love her."

"I'm evil."

"I'm spreading frosting... on my tongue!"

"My mommy is a good builder."
"Jonah loves Sukkot."

"I just keep on destroying this thing. I would not have been a good person to hang out with during the exodus from Egypt."

"Hmmmm... What to eat next..."

"Joney ate his first cracker at Sukkahrama."

"We are so proud of our Sukkah!"

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