Monday, March 22, 2010

The Spring Tease.

It has been so beautiful outside, here in New Hampshire. Even today, though it's cloudy and drizzly, the temperature is so nice. We have taken several walks this past week, and we have paid several visits to the playground. Maya loves going on the swings, and down the slide. Jonah usually relaxes in the sling while one of us pushes Maya. I am thinking that we might want to get Maya a little slide for her birthday next week. It might be a nice thing to have at home, since we don't get out as much as we used to. I think Maya is really getting used to having a new addition to the family. She loves Jonah, and helps us take good care of him. I am pretty sure she can't wait until he can play. She tries to dance with him, get into his play gym with him, and climb into bed with him... But he doesn't seem to realize she exists yet.

"I have my own baby. Her name is Harlene, and I carry her in this carrier. Unfortunately, she is always falling out of the carrier. Apparently she needs a five-point-harness."

"This is Baby Jonah's bassinet."

"Jonah is lucky - his bed is portable, so he gets to sleep in the same room as Mommy!"

"Sometimes, Jonah is very serious."

"But sometimes, he makes very silly faces."

"I love the swings."

"Daddy and Mommy push me, and I go SO high!"

"Catch me, Daddy!"

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