Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Maya Funny of the Day.

I have no wonderful pics to accompany this post, but I needed to write this down, because it was so funny. We were in the bathroom just now...

Maya: You know guys, I think we should go back to Hockanum (our old apartment, where she loves to go swimming at the pool) when I get littler. Like on my birthday.

Me: Maya, on your birthday, you're actually going to get bigger.

Maya: But I don't want to get bigger.

Me: Why not?

Maya: Because I don't like giants.


gklein said...

Now THAT's a smile!!

The other day I was at McDonald's and heard a mother asked her little girl "Would you like an ice cream sundae?" The response "No, I'd like it TODAY!!" True. -- Goompy

lori frerman said...

To cute!