Saturday, March 12, 2011


Maya and Jonah absolutely love visiting with friends and family. Last weekend, we had Vanessa and family over one evening, and Tyson and Leah and family over the next night. Maya was so excited, she could barely make it through Sunday, because we didn't have any visitors! It's only in the past couple of months, that Maya has really shown an interest in friends. I am loving it so much. Just the other day, she was leaving school, and she went up to this little boy and said, "I know you need to take a nap, but maybe I could come over after." Um, yeah Maya, that would be fine, if, (a) he had invited you, and if,(b) I knew who he was....

"Mommy says I really try to be the boss of all the playing, but really, I just want to make sure we play everything the way I want to play it..."

"This is my princess friend Vanessa, and Princess Me!"

"Jonah thought he was in trouble for playing with Leah in her car seat."

"When Joney realized he hadn't woken Leah, he was really happy."

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