Thursday, June 18, 2009

Grammy and Grampy's Maya

Connecticut has been fun, but tiring, since we haven't had much luck at finding things to do. Grampy and Grammy have been enjoying Maya very much. We went to visit Grammy at work today, and then visited our old friend, Meg, at the mall. She just had a baby 9 weeks ago, but I foolishly forgot to bring the camera. Silly me. For more info on what we've been up to, please see the photos below!

"Grampy, when you tuck my dress and sweater into my tights, it makes me look like I have a big butt. Please refrain from tucking in the future. Thank you."

"Let me out of here!"

"Look at my new water table! Unfortunately, I have barely played with it, since it's been raining nonstop. In fact, it's inside now... This weather stinks!"

"Grammy loves reading to me. I'm so lucky!"

"Grampy recently introduced me to the 'Big Gulp!' Yummmm."


Amy said...

I seriously LOL over the dress in the tights! And that big gulp is as big as she is!! Looks like she's having a blast :)

Brook said...

Cute water table! Grampy, I must agree with Marji on the tucking issue... We miss you guys!

Gabriellespace said...

She is getting soo big I agree with the dress in the tights. Funny though