Friday, June 12, 2009

A Letter From Maya, to her Friends in St. Louis....

Dear Nash, Margot, Alex, James, Keira, Corey, Charlie, and Randy (and of course, all the other friends I played with during my only year in St. Louis),

Guess what? I found a great play area for us! It's called the Southbury Public Library, and it has tons of toys! It's kind of like Kangaroo Kids, but cleaner, and with more fun stuff to play with. The only problem, is that it's about 1,100 miles away from you. So, I am trying to figure out a solution to this problem. One solution is to convince your mommies and daddies that Connecticut is very pretty and peaceful, and that it's worth a vacation trip. Another thought, is to just come yourselves, as accompanied minors on a plane. What do you think? I am a huge fan of this idea. American Airlines has a direct flight to Hartford. My Mommy will pick you up at the airport and bring you right to the library so we can play. Also, my Grammy and Grampy are so nice. They will let you sleep at their house. No problem.

Any takers?

I love you and miss you,
Maya B.

"I love to drink milk in the morning. It's tastes better this way."
"There are 2 noteworthy things about this picture. One, is that I am drinking from the wrong end of the cup, and the other is that the valve is dripping milk onto the floor. So much for 'no spill' sippies."

"This is my clippety-clop horse. He's the best."

"Here I am at the library. This place is like an endless fountain of toys, puzzles, and books. Mommy said we can go every day!"

; "I'm doing well, but I miss Daddy and all my friends."

"Daddy, is that you calling?"

"Oh, hi Dad!"
"I fell yesterday at the library and bonked my head. See my wound? I am very proud of it, although I was terribly sad at the time."


Gabriellespace said...

She is just adorbale... HI MAYA!

Alex and family said...

Alex would like to come and visit. He says that his mommy and daddy miss CT and would love to show him around. The library sounds like a fantastic place to stop by and play. Alex can't go this weekend because of graduation dinner - he needs to make sure Maya's daddy has a good time at his grad dinner. But, maybe the following weekend. Or, if he is too scared to fly alone maybe his mommy and daddy will bring him to visit sometime after the new baby arrives. What do you think? We miss you!

Nash & Margot said...

Dear Maya, what do you think about meeting in Hawaii or something? Mommy would rather go there! Miss y'all! Hugs, Nash & Margot