Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maya's Date with Stew

So, Connecticut has been relatively boring so far, although we are having fun playing with family and old friends. Last night, we decided to take a post-dinner trip to Stew Leonard's. For those of you who don't frequent Connecticut, Stew Leonard's is a supermarket with amazing produce, fresh dairy and meats, beautiful flowers and plants, and a really great hot bar and frozen yogurt stand. The other cool thing about Stew's, is that they have a wide array of entertaining things for kids, like dancing chickens, a petting zoo, a band made up of milk bottles and eggs, an acrobatic lobster, etc. Maya thoroughly enjoyed the sites, but mostly just loved the frozen yogurt. She must take after her mommy. Our camera battery ran out in the middle of the trip, so I didn't get many photos of her taking in the sites. Oh well.

"Oh my goodness! It's a dancing and singing Chiquita banana!"

"This produce band is crazy. Who ever heard of an egg playing the drums?"

"This is my favorite part. Thanks for sharing, Grammy."


Beth said...

What wonderful photos! I could almost taste that frozen yogurt!!!

Brook said...

Acrobatic lobster? You must film and post this! Looks like Grammy is spoiling Maya with that frozen yogurt!