Sunday, June 7, 2009

Surprise! We Moved!

Well, our official move date is tomorrow (Monday), but unfortunately, we had to make our move a few days early, due to some extenuating circumstances. Anyway, Kevin came home with us, just for the weekend, and he went home today. Maya and I are going to be in Connecticut now for the next 3 weeks before we make our move to New Hampshire. We are enjoying our trip, and Grammy and Grampy have been excellent hosts. Maya loves the toys here, and she has had a chance to see all her cousins, which has been great. Sadly, Kevin accidentally took home our camera, so I have none of the photos of Maya with her cousins, from our weekend. I will be using my parents' camera for the next 2 weeks, so hopefully I'll still be able to capture some fun moments.

"Thank goodness we're at Grammy and Grampy's house - home of my favorite pony!"

"Mommy, what's up with this new camera? I'm not sure I like this."

The following are Maya's 3 most common expressions...

"This is my happy, yet unsure face."

"This is my serious face."
"Okay, now this is funny."


Beth said...

All are beautiful faces! So happy you are now on the East Coast! Lucky Grammy and Grampy to have two of their wonderful, beautiful girls right in their own home! I know they will enjoy having the pleasure of your company.

Brook said...

Miss you! Hope all is well, thinking of you guys! Talk soon :)

Melissa said...

Welcome to NH! Hope we can get the girls together sometime now that we're in the same time zone!

Gabriellespace said...

Wow... she is such a cutie.. she looks so much like you Marji. Hope the unpacking goes fast for you guys!