Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2 Months of Jonah.

Our little man is growing up! Jonah turned 2 months old on April 4th - just after Maya turned 2! He had his 2 month appointment with Dr. Turkey on Monday. It went really well - Jonah is 10 pounds, 9.5 ounces (25th percentile), and 23 inches (25th percentile). He is growing like a champ, and is also a strong and happy little monkey. He even spent sat in a Bumbo Seat for the first time! Oh, and he had his first round of vaccines, and he endured it like a little soldier. We were so proud of him.

"Mommy wants me to tell you that Jonah's eyes aren't really red. She just doesn't have time to fix the pics these days..."

"Risa gave me this shirt. She must know I love Minnie."

"These are my Mickey jammies, and my horse boots. Fashion statement, huh?"

"One of these things doesn't belong...

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lori frerman said...

Emma, used to pile stuffed animals around Graham, as her cousins used to do to her. I guess babies are like stuffed animals! You family is beautiful!