Friday, April 16, 2010

Little Red.

We got another new camera this week. This is 5th camera used for this blog! yikes. We have accident insurance on this one. Good call, don't you think? Anyway, the weather is getting nice here, so we've been walking a lot, and spending time at the playground. Maya loves the swings, and Jonah digs the Moby Wrap. I love my happy little babies...

"Jonah rests in the Moby Wrap a lot. Mommy says I used to rest in there too."

"Mommy calls us 'couch potatoes...'"

"It was cold at the playground, so Mommy put Jonah in the sling and zipped him up!"

"Jonah loves Daddy, too."

"Debsie's new sister-in-law, Amanda, gave me this princess shirt. Mom says it's Cinderella, and that I should see the movie."

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