Thursday, April 8, 2010

Maya Keeps Asking...

Maya just asked me to put pictures on the blog, and you always do what the boss says, right? Sadly, my camera broke - AGAIN!!! What's the deal? Well, it's probably because my sneaky little girl keeps grabbing it and dropping it. Oh, and because it sits in my diaper bag, along with the Cheez-It, Nutrigrain Bar, and Cheerio crumbs. Anyway, we have yet another one on the way, but until then, I'm working on some random pics.

"Risa sent me some awesome Minnie duds in the mail. I am so lucky!"

"Mommy and Jonah are sweet, huh?

"Just showing you my Mickey jammies!"

"I love to dance."

"Mom has been letting me drink out of this baby sippy we found. It makes me laugh."

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