Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Belated Halloween, 2010

I posted all the photos from Halloween, and then never wrote any text with them, so I've been saving this post all week, in the hopes that I'd have time to put it on the blog. Anyway... Halloween... It was fantastic this year. We prepped Maya for it, many weeks in advance. I don't think she really understood the concept (it is strange, let's be honest), but she was pretty excited to get out there and hunt for candy in a costume. She decided to be Uniqua, a Backyardigans character (totally super awesome show on Nick Jr.), and Jonah was set to be a little monkey in a giant costume that didn't fit him at all. It was funny, because Maya's costume was a tad too small, but oh well. Anyway, we decided to trick-or-treat in a subdivision that is about 5 minutes from our house, because our neighborhood has a lot of longer driveways and hills, and we didn't think we'd have the stamina to walk there in the cold all evening. We set out at around 5:45, thinking the kids would have about an hour before they melted down and wanted to go home. Well, Maya was tireless for close to 2 hours. The only thing that set her back a little, was the fact that some of the houses had some scary Halloween stuff on their doors and in their windows. That being said, she was SO into it, she actually ran from house to house, in between, saying, "MOMMY! I NEED MORE CANDY!" Here was the typical dialogue, when the people would open the door:

Maya (very excited): Trick or treat!
Person at Door: Happy Halloween!
Maya: Can I take one more, for my brother Joney?
Person at Door: Sure!
Maya: I'll just put it in my "bakset," and give it to him later.
Mommy: Maya, what do you say?
Maya (already walking to the next house): THANK YOU! Mommy, I need more candy!!!

Jonah sat in his stroller, going with the flow, as usual. Maya finally got home at 7:45. Surprisingly, throughout the whole evening, she never even asked for candy, until about 7:15, when I gave her a mini bag of Teddy Grahams, and a snack sized M&Ms. We have still been organizing and trading the candy every day, as all little girls should do, but she doesn't care all that much, about actually eating it.

This was one of my favorite Halloweens, to date. I can't wait until next year!

"This is me in my costume. I am preparing a small picnic, because my Papa Burt is coming to play with me before trick-or-treating."

"I am Uniqua. Uniqua is a unique species of Backyardigan. She is friends with Pablo, Tasha, Tyrone, and Austin."

"Papa should come soon, or I might eat this whole picnic myself."

"This is Jonah, my monkey brother."

"Clearly, I knocked him over."

"He's a happy boy."

"Can I take one, for my brother Joney? I'll just put it here in my bakset for later."

"I need more candy, Mommy!"

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